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Get involved

There are several ways you can support the campaigning activities of Naturewatch and the charitable projects undertaken by Naturewatch Foundation.  For example: you can provide financial support by making a donation, either regularly or from time to time; actively get involved in campaigns; organise a fundraising event to help support a specific project; and you can also consider leaving a legacy in your Will.

Take action

Add your voice by taking part in our campaigning activities.  Lobbying your MP, MEPs, and writing letters will help us make a difference for the animals. More information »


As we are a non-profit animal welfare campaigning organisation and a charity, we rely entirely upon the generosity of supporters to continue our work. Make a donation »

Fundraising ideas

Some ideas to get you thinking, but we are sure you will be able to think of many more! You can also help raise public awareness of animal welfare issues at the same time as fundraising.  Read our fundraising ideas »

Leave a Legacy

Please consider leaving a gift in your Will, as this will enable you to continue supporting our work to end cruelty to animals long into the future.  Leave a Legacy »

Join our mailing list

If you like what we do and want to help, please send us an email with your name,  postal address and preferred email address so we can send you our regular campaign briefings. Alternatively enter your name and email address here to sign up to the Naturewatch eNewsletter for regular updates.

Raise funds for free online!

Sign up to: 'eBay for Charity' and raise funds by selling on eBay; shop online with 'EasyFundraising' and 'Give as you Live' and raise funds at no cost to you; search the web with 'Everyclick' and raise money for free.

Our aim is to encourage everyone who cares about animals to get involved and do something special to mark World Animal Day. Find out more »

Get involvedStop animal experiments

We aim to encourage the use of non-animal alternatives in scientific procedures and halt increases in the numbers of animals used. Find out more »

Get involvedStop puppy farming

Puppy Farming is the process by which puppies are bred on a mass basis for commercial gain, with little or no regard for their wellbeing. Help us to end puppy farming »

Get involvedStop the badger cull

Althoughthe badge cull has been postponed, we must maintain pressure to ensure cull plans are abandoned completely. Find out more »

Get involvedStray dog welfare

Naturewatch is delighted with the improvements in Eastern Europe that have quickly developed in the past year to humanely manage its stray animal population. Find put more »

Naturewatch Foundation supporters have been funding a Spay/Neuter/Vaccinate Clinic in Kharkov, Ukraine, since 2013 for the benefit of pets belonging to citizens on a low income and community dogs.  Find out more