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Why not organise a fundraising fancy dress party, involve your friends, family and work colleagues!

Fundraising ideas

Would you like to organise a fundraising event for Naturewatch Foundation? If so, you might like to try one of the ideas below to get you started. If you have an original idea that works well, please let us know about.

  • Involve your neighbours – sponsored walk, run, swim or bike ride with your friends and family or a sponsored dog walk?
  • A treasure hunt – great fun in the warmer months
  • Bake a variety of cakes and biscuits – sell them on a stall or at school
  • Organise a street or house-to-house collection
  • A car boot sale / garage sale – it’ll help you sort out your cupboards!
  • Mini sports tournament – rounders, cricket and 5-a-side football etc – all teams would pay to enter
  • Organise a raffle – ask local businesses to donate items as raffle prizes
  • A neighbourhood car wash – you’ll need to supply all the equipment and just ask for water at each house
  • A karaoke night at your local pub – your local landlord will probably be delighted to make a room available to you
  • A pub charity night – sell tickets, take a collection or play fundraising games
  • Bingo or quiz night
  • Garden party during the summer months
  • Combining events – organise a make-up demonstration followed by a pudding party
  • A wildlife quiz – the children will love it
  • A non-uniform day at school – simply ask your head teacher
  • Talent competition at school – ask one of your teachers if they will help you with arrangements.
  • Parents’ evening refreshments – ask your head teacher if you can sell them to raise funds
  • Disco in the local village hall – charge an entrance fee
  • A fundraising car wash at your school – you could go further and offer a vacuuming service as well.
  • A bad hair day or a loud tie day at work

It goes without saying that not all the fundraising ideas listed here will be suitable for people of all ages. If you are under the age of sixteen, please obtain the permission of your parents before embarking on any fundraising.

Remember to involve your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues – and perhaps they’ll have some good ideas too! If children will be interested in your event then why not ask your local schools to include details in their newsletter. Maybe your local parish has a newsletter that could include details for you. If you plan to organise a street or house-to-house collection or raffle please don’t forget to make the necessary arrangements with your local Borough Council.

When the fundraising event is over, don’t forget to thank sponsors, helpers, supporters and give them some feedback.

If you'd like to raise funds for Naturewatch Foundation, please visit our GoFundMe page!