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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a tax-free way you can donate regularly to Naturewatch Foundation. Donations are deducted from your salary before tax so for every £1.00 that you give it will only cost you 80p, and if you’re a higher rate taxpayer it will only cost you 60p.

Regular donations help us plan ahead more effectively, so please do consider this valuable, tax-free option.

For example, a donation of £5 per month costs the basic rate taxpayer £4.00 – HMRC pays the rest!

If your employer doesn’t already support Payroll Giving, please ask them to set up a scheme.  They will need to sign a contract with one of the three HMRC approved Payroll Giving Agencies who handle all monies donated through the scheme. The three agencies are:

According to, over 9,000 businesses already offer the benefits of Payroll Giving to around 5 million employees, and the numbers are growing all the time.

Running a Payroll Giving scheme is good for business.  Research shows that companies believe it improves the company image, enhances community involvement programmes, and supports employee volunteering.

For more information please visit