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Media Toolkit

Whether you want to spread the word about an issue you feel strongly about or need support for an event you’re organising, this section tells you how to do it.

Pre-event press release:

Before your event or peaceful protest, send an outline or ‘press release’ to your local media (local paper, radio station etc). Keep your press release factual, short and to the point – no more than 2 sides of A4.

Press releases are made up of the following components:

Title – Use a short punchy headline to grab attention.

Include an outline of –

  • Who is holding the event;
  • What is happening;
  • Why you are holding the event or peaceful protest;
  • When, Where and How;
  • If the press release is for an event that the general public can support, remember to include contact details of a person(s) who will be able to give more information to those interested in attending;
  • Remember to include your contact details should editors need to contact you for more information.

Notes to the Editor – In this section include additional information such as supporting facts, figures and statistics, remembering to cite the source of the information.

Toolkit tips:

If sending the press release via email, include the press release text in the body of your email and not as an attachment. Spam filters can sometimes filter emails with attachments and fail to deliver them;

In addition to sending press releases, local press websites have ‘Events’ or ‘What’s On’ pages where you can post details of your event free of charge.

Pictures speak a thousand words:

Take plenty of photographs of your event. Cute, eye-catching or heart-warming pictures can help grab media attention. These can be sent to the media post-event….

Post-event press release:

After the event send one or two of the best photos to your local press together with a press release about your event, remembering to include the “Who, What, Why, When, Where and How.” (See above for more press release tips.)

Do highlight the success of your event, including any human / animal interest stories from the day.

It’s also worthwhile including details of how people can still support your cause after the event.