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Political lobbying tool kit

Contacting your MP, MEP, or Member of the House of Lords.

When you email or send a letter, let them know what you think about a particular issue and also tell them what you would like them to do about the matter. You may ask your MP to sign an Early Day Motion (EDM) or support a Bill that is before Parliament on a specific animal welfare issue.

Here are a few writing tips:

  • Make your letter/email relevant, polite and to the point. It’s better to stick to one issue to give greater impact and to make it less confusing.
  • Explain why the issue matters to you, provide relevant facts and figures. The factsheets here will help and there’s plenty of information on our website. Make it clear that you are enquiring about the personal views held and not those of his/her political party or the views of the Government.
  • If you contact your MP, you may also ask them to lobby the relevant Government Minister about the issue. A Minister is much more likely to read a letter from an MP than from a member of the public. If your MP is a Government Minister unable to raise the issue in the House of Commons, then write to a member of the House of Lords seeking their support and requesting they table a question or debate.

If contacting a member of the House of Lords, you’ll find the correct title to use in letters and emails here.

In the UK there are two government departments responsible for Animal Welfare Issues:

Home Office – responsible for all animal experiments and for the Freedom of Information Act. Because the Home Office deals with crime, it also has responsibility for issues relating to badger cruelty. The Home Secretary is the Cabinet Minister responsible for the Home Office.

Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) – The Secretary of State has overall responsibility for the Department, which comprises of two Ministers of State and two Parliamentary Under-Secretaries. DEFRA’s responsibilities include animal health and welfare, veterinary medicine, hunting with dogs, farming, fisheries, zoos, the Pet Travel Scheme and wildlife.

Replies to your letters and emails

If the reply you receive is supportive, then do feel free to write back thanking them for their support.

Please do keep us posted! Any replies you receive will help Naturewatch form a picture of who are supportive of animal welfare issues and who we need to lobby more.