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Naturewatch Foundation and Kharkov Municipality join forces to humanely reduce stray dog population

Naturewatch Foundation is today signing an official agreement with the Kharkov Municipality to become lead advisors on stray animal management.  Naturewatch Foundation will be working with the Kharkov Municipality to humanely and sustainably reduce its stray dog population, making recommendations that are internationally recognised by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

For many years, Kharkov Municipality has implemented various schemes to reduce its stray dog population to no avail, and have come under scrutiny of animal rights groups in their treatment of stray dogs.

Many policies and practices used within the Kharkov municipal shelter are  currently out-dated and sub-standard, however, with Naturewatch’s intervention, welfare standards will improve significantly and practices within the shelter will meet international standards.

This collaboration is a monumental step towards improving the welfare of stray dogs in Kharkov and Naturewatch Foundation is very excited to begin its programme.  Soon after the agreement is signed, Naturewatch Foundation will be conducting an official count of the stray dog population in Kharkov and dog catchers will be attending a practical training workshop on how to humanely catch and handle stray dogs.  And this is just the beginning of the programme.

There are many elements that contribute towards successfully reducing stray dog populations and Naturewatch Foundation will be addressing all of these with the municipality over the course of this year, including sterilisation, dog breeding legislation and responsible pet ownership education, to name but a few.

Naturewatch Foundation is currently working with state veterinary services and both national and local governments across various countries in Eastern Europe to improve the welfare of stray dogs. Naturewatch Foundation works on an advisory level, providing training seminars and practical workshops to assist those responsible for stray animal management to conduct their role in a humane and sustainable manner. 

Kharkov city’s treatment of stray animals may not be up to standard yet, however, by signing an agreement to collaborate with Naturewatch Foundation is a big first step in the right direction.  As such, Naturewatch Foundation is looking forward to working closely with Victoria Bogatyr, Julia Shapovalova and the municipal shelter team to make great strides to improve welfare standards and reduce stray dog numbers on Kharkov’s streets.