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Report Suspected Animal Crime

Thank you for wishing to report to Naturewatch Foundation, persons who you suspect are involved in the illegal persecution of badgers, or illegal puppy farming or breaching animal welfare standards in the breeding of dogs.

As part of the badger baiting and puppy farming campaigns, the charity conducts cybercrime investigations on persons involved or suspected to be involved in these illegal activities and collects information from a variety of sources, including members of the public providing information for the purpose of preventing and detecting crime.

This information is known as personal data and we collect the personal data using the lawful purpose of Legitimate Interest.

It is a legal requirement that our charity processes data correctly; we must collect, handle and store personal data in accordance with the relevant legislation, which includes the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018. Our Investigations Privacy Policy can be found here.

There are occasions when we need to work collaboratively with those who can enforce the law when we present evidence of animal crimes. In these cases, we may share personal data we have collected to fulfil legal obligations and/or in order to prevent and detect crime.

Examples would be the Police Service and Local Authorities departments, such as Trading Standards or Environmental Health.

How to Report

In order to find out more about our investigations and report either the illegal persecution of badgers or illegal puppy farming or breaching animal welfare standards in the breeding of dogs, to our Investigations Team – please select the relevant tab below for your report.

Thank you.

Puppy farming is rife in the UK.
Report cruel puppy farming here.

Badger baiting is illegal.
Report the illegal persecution of badgers here.