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We couldn’t provide our vital services without the generosity of people like you. Help us continue our work to help animals and make a donation to all our Naturewatch campaigns

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Lobby companies and decision makers to demand better welfare for animals!

We know it’s not just laboratory animals that need our help 

At Naturewatch Foundation, we know that the fight for cruelty free cosmetics is not the only one needed to help eliminate the suffering of animals.

There are many other welfare issues close to our hearts which companies need to tackle effectively to stop this from happening.

In an ideal world, no company would ever make money from the pain of animals and their ethics would be squeaky clean.

Unfortunately, apart from some brands which really do commit fully to supporting both the people in their business, the planet, animals, and animal-free testing methods, some companies have a few skeletons in their closets! 

We want to help you lobby for the issues you care about 

To help more people approach companies with concerns about their ethics surrounding other welfare issues, and to encourage them to do better, we set up our Lobbying Page.

This page aims to give you the resources to take your concerns forward to the companies that need to change. 

How do you do that? Get emailing and calling companies and key decision makers like your local MP, companies, supermarkets and councils. Make your concerns known and make sure you share your efforts on social media, so that others can join your movement. By engaging others, you can increase your reach and put more pressure on companies to change. 

Getting started with lobbying

To get you started, we’ve created a template email / letter you can tailor to the issues you care about most.

We hope that this makes it as easy as possible to share your message and demand better from companies continuing to profit from the suffering of animals. 

Join our active campaigns 

Check out our active lobbying campaigns that so that you can take action and share the issues that you care about. 

About Naturewatch Foundation’s campaigns:

Naturewatch Foundation currently run campaigns to tackle the following animal welfare concerns: puppy farming in the UK, badger baiting, animal cruelty in Ukraine, spaying and neutering projects in Ukraine and animal experiments. 

There are, of course, many other welfare issues you may wish to address with a brand, company, or key decision maker. For any concerns not included in our current campaigns, be sure to search online for charities that cover the issue you are passionate about. You may find that they have additional advice on how you can help and campaigns you can support.