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There are lots of ways you can support our work!

In addition to supporting our campaigning and lobbying actions, there are plenty of other ways you can get involved and help us advance animal welfare - in the UK and around the world!

Despite laws to protect animals, illegal PUPPY FARMING and WILDLIFE CRIME are rife in the UK. Read about our covert investigations - and how to confidentially report anyone you suspect is involved in either of these activities. Vets are on the frontline of animal welfare, in an ideal position to educate the public on buying a puppy. We are contacting vets across the country with our Vets4Puppies campaign pack. Vets may email to order a pack. 
Do you work with teenagers aged 13 and over? Make young people aware of illegal badger persecution by taking part in our education programme. Our engaging short film also teaches them about badger ecology. We coordinate World Animal Day on October 4 every year. It's a chance for everyone to speak up for animals, including schools, companies and individuals. The size of your event doesn't matter - it’s getting involved that counts!
We're a small team, so our dedicated volunteers are a huge help, bringing valuable skills and resources to our projects. Popular roles include design, animation, copywriting and research. Check out our current opportunities and apply!  If you would like to organise a fundraising event for us, we've put together some ideas to get you started! Whether you’re an individual, group or organisation, you can support our work by fundraising - please visit our GoFundMe page.
Donate all your broken and unwanted jewellery to support our campaigns. Our partners at Recycling for Good Causes will reuse and recycle the jewellery and bank notes, giving 75% of the proceeds to us. Read more. You can now donate your used stamps to raise much-needed funds for Naturewatch Foundation. All kinds of stamps are welcome - on or off paper. Administration will be carried out by our partners at Recycling for Good Causes. Find out more.
As a small charity, gifts in wills are extremely important to us as demands on our limited funds are great. There are many worthy projects we’d love to support but our funds only stretch so far. Please consider leaving a gift in your will. Your donations have made a real difference so far. But there are always more animals to help and more cruelty to stop. Despite our progress, we still need your support - every donation is really appreciated. Thank you!
Share our leaflets! Email with your name and address. Leaflets available: All Campaigns, Puppy Farming, World Animal Day, Dig Out Badger Baiters, School Awareness Programme, Badger Crime - what we're doing. Sign up to eBay for Charity and raise funds by selling on eBay; shop online with Amazon Smile, EasyFundraising and Give as you Live and raise funds at no cost to you - search the web with Everyclick and raise money for free.
There are thousands of dogs in the UK who are waiting for their forever families. You can help by raising awareness on social media! Visit or Many Tears Animal Rescue and share the profiles of dogs who need homes. If you have bought, adopted or fostered a dog with links to puppy farming, we'd love to know how they're doing. Email with your experiences. Share 'Harry’s Story' and 'Pippy's Story'.