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Lobbying industry

While multinational companies have a lot of power, don’t underestimate the influence you have as a consumer.  Most companies do care about how the public perceive them and, not least, where you spend your money.  You have more power than you think!

Over the past few years, several of the larger retailers, including M&S, Forever Living and Ecover, have put non-animal testing policies in place after receiving letters from Naturewatch Foundation supporters – your letter might be the one to turns the tide! 


Naturewatch Foundation has selected a Top 10 Hit List of companies for you to write to.  The list is made up of the largest companies in the personal care and household cleaning sector that still benefit from animal testing.  You may also want to write to other companies that are not listed here - please feel free to use our template letter to write to any company you wish to lobby.  Contact details can be found on company websites.

1. Procter & Gamble 6. Colgate Palmolive
2. L'Oreal 7. Reckitt Benckiser
3. Unilever 8. Johnson & Johnson
4. Shiseido 9. Estee Lauder
5. Avon 10. GlaxoSmithKline

Download our template letter


Use your purchasing power to send a strong message to The Body Shop and L'Oréal by boycotting them.

Write to The Body Shop to express your disappointment in their company ethics using our template letter.  Their contact detail can be found on their company website

Download our Body Shop template letter.


Useful Background Information

EU Cosmetics Testing Ban

In March 2013 we were delighted that the EU Cosmetics Testing Ban finally came into force.  Although we accept this is a wonderful step forward, we need your help to convince the rest of the world to follow suit! 

The EU ban means that any company wishing to sell NEW cosmetic products within the European Union must ensure that none of the ingredients, or finished products, have been tested on animals anywhere in the world.

However, even though multinational companies have to abide by the EU Cosmetics Testing Ban for products they sell within the EU, they continue to sell products outside of the EU, which can contain newly-developed ingredients that require animal tests.  By purchasing products from multinational companies who do not have a FCOD, you are effectively helping them to fund their animal testing activities for their international market.

Please note: the EU ban only applies to Cosmetics NOT Household Cleaning Products. 

Household Cleaning Products

In 2010, the coalition government pledged to end the testing of household products and their ingredients on animals. In March 2015, the Home Office announced its intention to ban the
testing of finished household products on animals, but with a qualified ban on the testing of ingredients. This means that some ingredients will continue to be tested on animals.

Naturewatch Foundation has spent several years lobbying for the promised full ban to be implemented. This news came as a huge disappointment to us as, in practice, it is the ingredients and not the finished products that are tested on animals.

The government states that "the new policy will apply to any ingredient for which, at the time that testing on animals is carried out, more than 50% is intended to be used in a household product."

Without a full ban in place, experiments will continue to inflict pain and suffering upon defenceless animals for the sake of yet more household products being added to the shelves.

We will continue to push for the promised full ban on the testing of household products and their ingredients by the UK government.