We're fighting for a kinder, fairer world for animals. Over the years we have developed a wide range of sustainable animal welfare projects both in the UK and throughout the world. Click below to find out more about our individual campaigns.

Since 1991, the team here at Naturewatch Foundation have developed a wide range of sustainable animal welfare projects in several countries both in the UK and through the world. Check out all of our campaigns below.

Puppy Farming

While there are lots of reputable breeders, there are plenty of unscrupulous ones too. These ‘puppy farmers’ exploit puppies for financial gain with no regard for their welfare or their future.


In the UK many wild animals are protected by law, making it illegal to harm, kill, sell or trade them. But despite the legislation, wildlife crime continues.

Animal Experiments

More than 2.8 million animals were used in scientific procedures in the UK in 2020.

Ukraine Animal Welfare

Since 1994 we’ve been helping to improve the lives of Ukraine’s animals. We’re working to stamp out crime, humanely manage stray populations and promote responsible ownership.

World Animal Day

Every year on October 4, World Animal Day focuses the world’s attention on making the lives of animals better.

Previous Projects

We’ve been working for a better world for animals since 1991 and in that time, we’ve supported and promoted a wide range of projects within our campaigns at home, in Europe and further afield too.


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