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Compassion Over Cruelty

Stars of stage, screen and the beauty industry have collaborated on a new film for Naturewatch Foundation, to highlight the unnecessary use of animals in cosmetic testing.

Naturewatch Foundation and GreenWorld TV bring you ‘Compassion Over Cruelty’ – a film to defy expectations around cruelty-free cosmetics.

Despite the EU, and countries like Israel and Norway, banning the sale and importation of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients tested on animals, most countries still allow animals to be subjected to painful tests all in the name of beauty

Chemicals are dropped into their eyes and on to their skin, often causing painful blinding and burning. Once used, their bodies are discarded like rubbish as more are bred to take their place.

But is it even necessary? Many of the world’s biggest beauty brands still test on animals in parts of the world where it is legal – even when perfectly safe, modern, alternatives exist.

So we decided to put truly cruelty-free, compassionate, cosmetics to the test. How would they hold up against the big players in the cosmetic industry?

We recruited top hair stylist, Daniel Field from Daniel Field Hair Salon in Central London, and makeup artist to the stars, Alexa Riva Ravina, to test Naturewatch Foundation endorsed cruelty-free products, featured in our Compassionate Shopping Guide.

We found (mostly) willing volunteers in actress, Rula Lenska, model Daryna Milgevska, and comedian Jake Yapp, who put their faith – and faces – in Daniel and Alexa’s hands. And the results were shocking. You might even say the results were stunning, gorgeous, cheeky… amazing!

The resulting film, presented by filmmaker and wildlife presenter Anneka Svenska and produced by GreenWorld TV proves that you can choose compassion over cruelty, and look fabulous in the process!

Naturewatch Foundation has regularly published the Compassionate Shopping Guide for over 20 years. The Guide has become the definitive guide to cruelty-free shopping for cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products and has the strictest criteria of any cruelty-free endorsement scheme in the world. All products used in Compassion Over Cruelty were donated by Naturewatch Foundation endorsed companies.           

Compassion Over Cruelty was filmed at Daniel Field Hair Salon in London in 2016.

Brought to you by GreenWorld TV and Naturewatch Foundation

Products used in the making of Compassion Over Cruelty were kindly supplied by the following companies, endorsed in the 14th edition of our Compassionate Shopping Guide: