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From a puppy farm to a forever home

We love receiving your stories and sharing them with other dog lovers. We all know the life of a puppy farm breeding bitch is horrendous. Very sadly, many of these poor abused dogs never get the love they deserve. So, when we get a heart-warming story from you our supporters, it makes us doubly determined to stamp out puppy farming for good. This is the story of Pippy as told by Naturewatch Foundation supporter Ann.

Pippy was rescued by "Many Tears", from cruel breeders who used her solely for breeding, then she went to a lovely foster home. I understand she was approximately 3 years old.

Pippy was so traumatised, so afraid of human touch she would bite and scratch when I tried to pick her up or stroke her, she would 'dart' around the room trying to find somewhere to hide.
Not lead trained, not housetrained, never been socialised except with dogs, afraid of open spaces, aeroplanes overhead, afraid of everything except our two dogs.

Six months on, after many ups and downs, good moments and really bad moments, our lovely little girl is housetrained, sits to have her harness on loves the car and screams with excitement on the beach!

Simple things like kindness, patience, gentle words, good food and a gentle touch along with the support of our two dogs Pippy is now a playful, happy, confident and cheeky little girl who will sit on my knee for cuddles, loves her shower and being brushed! She’s more reserved with my husband but improving every day when he gets her toys out and lies on the floor to play with her.

Pippy is our first ex-breeding bitch and seeing the effects that cruel, money-making breeders can have on her and many other dogs I cannot understand why puppy farming is allowed to carry on? Why is nothing being done to shut down every single puppy farm regardless of where they are based?

What can we do to stop these cruel people? Pippy came to us as a poor scrap of a dog, so afraid of humans, so afraid of being touched, only knowing cruel hands it has been heartbreaking to witness her very skittish moments!

I want to tell her story to anyone who has a heart, anyone who can help stamp out money-making breeders, I want people to see that after a few months we have an adorable, loving, intelligent little dog who only wanted to be loved and cared for!

We have a long way to go before she accepts other people but we will go at her pace, there is no hurry. Pippy is in her forever home now and a much-loved member of our family! Let us help other dogs to have the same life like hers and protect them by shutting down puppy farms.

by Naturewatch Foundation supporter, Ann