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Puppy Farming in the UK

Take a look at the picture below. Puppy farms like this are hidden, remote and secretive, so images are rare. Yet we know dogs like these are held captive to breed hundreds of thousands of frightened puppies across Britain and Ireland.

Infected with parasites, many puppies need emergency treatment for diarrhoea, vomiting and dehydration within 24 hours of purchase by unsuspecting buyers. Later they can suffer with skin disorders, weight loss and claustrophobia. To sell these dogs, traders lie about their breed, their upbringing and their health.

The terrible numbers show that up to 400,000 farmed puppies are sold to the British public every year. All have been exposed to disease in the breeding sheds. None have known love and care in a family home. As for the unsold puppies and exhausted breeding dogs, we may never learn the full scale of the brutality.

Take action to end puppy farming


Please donate whatever you can and help us end the intensive farming of dogs.  Your kind donation will help us stop the cruelty and exploitation of battery bred dogs and their puppies. 

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