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Please consider making a donation to this groundbreaking initiative that draws attention to animal welfare issues around the world.

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Winner of the World Animal Day Grant 2018

This young pup would have died if it hadn't been for 'People for Animals Siliguri'. A vehicle hurled her into a gutter where she lay in excruciating pain with a broken leg and losing blood from a gaping wound. Thanks to a kind passer-by who responded to her distressing cries, and the organisation's vets, she made a full recovery.


PFA is a voluntary team of professionals who give up their free time to rescue and save the lives of street animals, livestock and wildlife in Siliguri, India. The organisation is led by our World Animal Day Ambassador, Sujoy Dutta.

The city of Siliguri is expanding rapidly, which increases the urgency of PFA’s vets being able to get from A to B quickly.

For ten years, PFA has been the sole provider of emergency care to animals in distress in the busy city and its suburbs covering approximately 17 square miles.

The dedicated team works tirelessly responding to calls day and night. Often having to rely on public transport in a bustling city with challenging roads, it sadly means the vet sometimes arrives too late.

In 2018, with funds donated by our loyal supporters, Naturewatch Foundation purchased an animal ambulance which was desperately needed to ensure injured and sick animals are reached swiftly.

Together we helped reduce the suffering of distressed animals in Siliguri and increase their chance of survival.

A conventional vehicle would have been too large to navigate many of the city’s narrow lanes and passageways, not to mention the traffic.

The answer: a modified and equipped, battery-operated rickshaw. It’s an innovative solution, and there are countless advantages of having a small animal ambulance, such as:

  • The free emergency vet service has become efficient, speedy and reliable.
  • The ambulance is able to navigate the city’s narrow lanes and passageways, enabling all locations to be reached.
  • If specialist care is needed, it’s easier to transfer small and medium animals to the veterinary hospital without delay.
  • No longer are animal emergencies reliant on public transport.
  • Recovering patients are checked upon more regularly.
  • The vehicle runs on a battery making it cheap to run and eco-friendly.
  • And best of all….  the lives of even more animals are being saved.

The local authorities highly respect the work of PFA. The government-run veterinary clinics in Siliguri provide most of their services free of charge to the organisation.  Cases that require more complicated treatment, and emergency veterinary supplies, are paid for by funds raised through member contributions.

It’s not just dogs who suffer serious injuries in road traffic accidents. The team are often called out to cows and other animals that roam freely in the noisy, bustling streets.

This is the fifth year that Naturewatch Foundation has sponsored the World Animal Day grant.

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