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Compassionate Shopping Guide


Naturewatch Foundation is proud to publish a Compassionate Shopping Guide that includes companies that have applied to be included in our Guide and have confirmed they have a Fixed Cut-Off Date animal testing policy in place and also a consideration of the animal testing policy of any 'parent' company.

Since the first Compassionate Shopping Guide was published in 1993, our Guide has helped thousands of people shop for cruelty-free toiletries, cosmetics and household cleaning products.

We are busy compiling the 15th edition!

In the meantime, you can order a FREE copy of the 14th edition by emailing us at with your full name and address. 

*Offer available whilst stock lasts. 

Shopping selectively shows you care 

Whilst cosmetics tested on animals are banned in the EU, sadly due to gaping holes in the law, household product manufacturers can still test ingredients, and even final products, on animals in the UK.  

It's horrific to think that animals are being experimented on for some non-essential cleaning items when other testing options are available.

Naturewatch Foundation is campaigning to close these loopholes and ban animal experiments worldwide for both cosmetics and household cleaning products, but in the meantime, our guide may be able to help you. 

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