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Look at things from a different perspective

Cosmetic & personal care products

We receive the EU Cosmetics Testing Ban with satisfaction and as recognition that animals shouldn’t be suffering for the sake of human vanity. But this is just a step forward; we still need to convince the rest of the world to follow.

Because sometimes you need to look at things from a different perspective, we have compiled a list of questions that hopefully will clarify the imperative need for cruelty-free shopping.

Q: Now the EU Cosmetic Testing Ban is in force, does it mean I can stop boycotting companies like L’Oréal?

A: Even with the ban now in place, multi-national companies like L'Oréal will still test new ingredients on animals and sell them outside Europe. With this in mind, the profits made on the sale of products manufactured by the likes of L'Oreal could still go to animal testing.
So boycotting these companies is still very important. 
We must shout even louder and make our point very clear because L’Oréal, and others, are making full use of the golden opportunity the ban presents to pull the wool over the eyes of consumers.  Don’t be fooled into believing their propaganda!  

Q: Does it mean that all personal care products on sale in the UK and Europe are cruelty free?

A: The ban only affects NEW products, not the ones already on our shelves! This means that products manufactured by companies such as L’Oréal that were already in the market place prior to 11th March 2013 will continue to line our shop shelves. Every single one of them has been developed using animal testing!

Q: Do I still need to use the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide now the ban is in place?

A: Companies are continuing to develop products using animal testing for sale outside Europe. So boycotting these companies is more important than ever in order to bring an end to animal testing for vanity products throughout the world.
Don't forget the Parent Company issue: even if a company says it's cruelty free and it's endorsed by other organisations, if it has a Parent Company that doesn't have a Fixed Cut Off Date in place then it won't be endorsed by Naturewatch as cruelty free. The only way you can be sure your purchases are cruelty free is by using our Compassionate Shopping Guide.
Naturewatch consistently follows the policy of the parent company. This is because, ultimately, profits made by a subsidiary could be used to fund the activities of the parent company. Therefore, even if a subsidiary company has a FCOD in place, it cannot be endorsed if the parent company does not. If a company is genuine in its commitment to help end animal testing, neither it nor its parent company will benefit from the use of recently tested ingredients. These companies have thereby pledged not to contribute to the demand for the development of new ingredients.

Q: I’m confused! Companies that currently use animal testing say their products will be cruelty free with the EU testing ban. What does Naturewatch think?

A: These companies will undoubtedly make full use of this ban to their advantage and publicise that they don’t test on animals. What they ‘forget’ to mention is that profits made on the sale of their products within Europe can still be used to fund animal testing outside Europe.

Q: Why do you still boycott The Body Shop? They say their products are cruelty free and are endorsed by PETA and BUAV?

A: The profit from purchases made at the Body Shop, and more recently Urban Decay, can be used by L’Oréal, their PARENT COMPANY. L’Oréal, along with many other multi-national organizations, are continuing to use animal testing in the development of new products for sale outside Europe.