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Tell Ecover and Method it’s time to come clean

2021 Update: This boycott is ongoing as their parent company SC Johnson benefits from the use of animal testing.

As you know, Ecover and Method were bought in 2018 by SC Johnson, a company that openly admits to selling products developed using animals.

Hundreds of people like you responded to our call to action to boycott Ecover and Method.

Now that it is 2019, we believe that it’s time for Ecover and Method to make a New Year Resolution to come clean. Whilst the Ecover and Method websites continue to publicise their historic values and principles, their actual company ownership is still missing! 

We think the omission that they are owned by SC Johnson is outrageous. We want Ecover and Method to make a New Year resolution to be open and transparent to their customers! 

Many unsuspecting animal lovers do not want the profits of supposedly cruelty-free companies bolstering the profits of parent companies which sell products developed using animals.

We want Ecover and Method to be honest about their ownership and we're sure you do too.

We've also written to SC Johnson about their very out of date 'Point of View' document on animal testing. We'll update you on their response when / if we hear!

You can read the SC Johnson Point of View on Animal Testing here.

If you would like Ecover and Method to make a New Year Resolution to come clean about where their profits go, you can get in touch with them via Twitter, Facebook or even email!


Suggested social media messages:

Make a New Year Resolution!#wheredoyourprofitsgo?#timetocomeclean #letsliveclean#crueltyfree? 
2019 - time to update the Ecover / Method website? No mention you are owned by SC Johnson?
 A company that openly admits to selling products developed using animals? #crueltyfree?#timetocomeclean


Suggested email:

Dear Ecover and Method,

Many previously loyal Ecover and Method customers have been very disappointed to learn that your company was bought by SC Johnson last year – a company that openly admits to selling products developed using animals.

I have been looking at your website which includes lots of details about your principles and values but still does not mention anywhere that you are now owned by a company, SC Johnson, that is not cruelty-free? I urge you to update your website so that it does not obscure your brands’ ownership and the profits which support SC Johnson.

Your customers care a lot about animals, and that is reflected in their shopping habits. When The Body Shop, a cruelty-free company, was acquired by L’Oréal in 2006, the UK brand’s reputation plummeted. And so did their sales. 

I very much hope that now you are in a powerful position with SC Johnson, you will help animals by convincing SC Johnson to go cruelty-free across ALL their brands and products and that your principles will not be further watered down.

In the meantime, I urge you to make a fresh start in the New Year by ensuring the information on your website is updated. Currently, the fact that Ecover and Method are now owned by SC Johnson is being hidden from cruelty-free shoppers.​